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Fish right eat right

Fishers, NGOs, and fishery managers recognize the importance that responsible consumption can have on compliance with fisheries regulations. Managed Access, Replenishment Zones, Fish for Life and Restaurant Resort Roadshow are programs that have been contemplating the implementation of a market-based program backed by an education campaign that will provide incentives for fishers, retailers, restaurants, and consumers to promote and support the harvest, trade and consumption of legally caught seafood. Fish Right, Eat Right establishes a local brand that highlights establishments sourcing seafood responsibly; enabling consumers to make correct choices that ensure the health of our oceans. The brand is being developed via a collaborative process involving all partners including the private sector.


The goal of this certification program is to curb illegal fishing and promote best practices in fisheries by providing marketing incentives throughout the supply chain via the promotion of responsible seafood consumption. Those establishments that demonstrate knowledge of and compliance with the Fisheries Regulations will receive special recognition, and responsible fishers who comply with the Regulations will have preferential access to these reliable markets. Fish Right, Eat Right is initially targeting restaurants and hotels, and possibly expanding to include cooperatives, fish markets, supermarkets and other seafood purveyors in the future. An advertising campaign for tourists and the public to support these compliant, recognized establishments is planned. For restaurants, this program will help match consumer demand for legal, healthy products with a supply chain that will deliver. The program will also help restaurants identify alternative seafood options for consumption that can help reduce fishing pressure on species that are over-exploited, threatened, or endangered.

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